Badger Kimonos: These gis are fierce!

One of the most frequent questions I get from students is “What kind of gi should I get?”. There are a ton of different cuts, weights, weaves, styles and prices to choose from, so it seems easy to choose the “wrong kind”.  Since I train and teach 6 days a week, my closet is filled with gis. I have had a number of different brands over the years, but I still have some in my closet that I hate for being to baggy or heavy or for having high-water pants.  Finally, I have found I gi that I love to train in, but is light enough to compete in.


Badger Kimonos is relatively young company, but they have already created a great line of gis. They create small batches of limited edition gis that are cleanly designed, light weight and durable. I think the Crush is my favorite gi of all time. Not only are they good to train in, they dry quickly after washing, so you are good to go the next day if necessary.

It looks like they are sold out of their current gis, but it sounds like a new one is in the works. Updates on the new sales are not only on their site,, but also on their Facebook Page.

PS They also run a cool deal that you win a FREE GI if you compete and win in your Badger Gi at a BJJ tournament!


About Alexandra

Alexandra is the co-owner (president?) of Team FVGC, the Fox Valley Grappling Club, in Appleton, Wisconsin, where she teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Fight Fit Training classes in addition to other presidential duties, such as keeping the books and cleaning the bathrooms.

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