Training with Purpose

527422_475408659170436_1201377800_nOnce you have been in BJJ for a while and have a fairly consistent training schedule, sometimes we can fall into “training just to train”. You come into the gym, do warmups at a comfortable pace, practice the technique of the day a few times but are not sure you’ll ever use it, and roll a few matches where you did pretty well (but you can’t really remember what happened).

People train for many different reasons from being a top-level jiu-jitsu fighter, to just having a fun way to get in shape. Whatever your overall reason for training is, it is important to approach each training session with…


to set as an aim, intention, or goal for oneself.

to intend; design.

to resolve (to do something)

Goals and purpose don’t always have to be big (I am training to be a world champion!). It can be as simple as, “I am going to focus on sweeping from the half-guard today” or “I am going to get a great workout by busting my butt during warmups and always moving during open roll” or “I am going to pull off the technique of the day in open roll”.

Training each day with purpose allows us to continually progress, or at the very least be AWARE of ourselves and our training (which I think is the first step in improving)…and that’s what we are really in the gym for. What are you training for today?


About Alexandra

Alexandra is the co-owner (president?) of Team FVGC, the Fox Valley Grappling Club, in Appleton, Wisconsin, where she teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Fight Fit Training classes in addition to other presidential duties, such as keeping the books and cleaning the bathrooms.

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  1. This is awesome! A good goal that is straight to the point!

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